1. You have 60 seconds or less to show the world what you know! You may submit multiple videos and be as creative as you want. This is your opportunity to create content that you would want to learn from!

  2. Record a video explaining (please don't read notes, just explain) any IBDP topic or concept you wish to use to demonstrate your content knowledge. It's preferred if you use your phone on landscape. You should appear in the video for the whole time but may use props or graphics. YOU CAN GET AS "TikTok" CREATIVE AS YOU WANT, just keep it appropriate for high school. With your help we can go viral!!

  3. You may introduce yourself, first name or nickname only. (Hi! My name is _____ and I'll be talking about___).

  4. Please END with "This is IB Gone in 60 Seconds."

  5. Please Do Not Share Your Full Name, School Name or City in your video. (This is for child protection purposes.)

  6. On the form below, please tag your video with relevant hashtags so it can be indexed and placed on the channel. Example-#IBPsychology #BiologicalApproach #Neuroplasticity.

  7. Please double check the video for sound and lighting quality.

  8. Lastly, you must submit the teacher's name and email address who previewed the video for content accuracy. Please make sure they preview it! It only takes a minute.

  9. You can submit videos with a valid URL from Google Drive (check share settings), Dropbox, YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, etc.

  10. Contact us at anytime to request to remove your video. We will post on Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok and Instagram.

  11. Tell your friends and encourage them to make one too! Don't forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE!

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